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    This effective skin nourishing cream is quickly absorbed and especially effective with its beneficial oils. The skin structuring processes are supported by the herbal extracts; the skin lifting effect can be extended by the hyaluronic acid of an eye contour gel. Application: Apply a thin layer on the cleansed area. 
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    The oils of pomegranate seed, jojoba and evening primrose support the skin's lipid metabolism to make the skin feel silky smooth. The skin toning antioxidant and hydrating bioactive components enhance the formation of fresh and firm skin condition. It does not contain any apitherapy (honey bee) ingredients. Application: apply a thin layer to cleansed face...
  • 14,08 € In Stock
    It is gentle face milk and make-up remover for dry, sensitive and rosacea prone skin.Application: 1-2 cm3  face milk onto the damp cotton pad and wipe the face then rinse off well.
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    This peeling cream exfoliates away dull dead cells from the skin's surface. With its revitalising plant components it boosts the effect of post peeling creams. It is recommended to be applied every 7-14 days to create a radiant and smoother to the touch skin on the face and décolletage. Application: Apply a moderately thick layer to damp skin; gently...
  • 13,91 € In Stock
    For dry and sensitive skin type.This skin care tonic supports the refreshing and tonifying of the sensitive, dry skin types by using herb extracts and hydrating ingredients. It contains vitamins C, B5, E as well as stellaria extract for the epidermis regeneration. This tonic is enriched by the rose essential oil and licorice extract.  Application: Pour...
  • 29,58 € In Stock
    This agent concentrate is excellent for the eye area, face and décolletage to be rejuvenated, suitable even under make-up. This fast absorbing gel is hydrating, vitalising and nourishes the skin in an outstanding way. The extract of hibiscus together with the hyaluronic acid and magnesium salt contributes to the firm and vitalised eye area. The vitamins...
  • 50,27 € In Stock
    This fast absorbing facial cream contains multivitamin complex, mineral salts and extracts of ginger, goji berry and strawflower extracts which support skin regeneration and skin restructuring. Beneficial skin nourishing pomegranate seed and argan oils contribute to a fresh and smooth to the touch skin feeling. It is an especially effective skin care...
  • 45,65 € Out of stock
    This quick absorbing night cream helps the skin's restructuring processes during night; they are supported by the extracts of fenugreek, basil, marjoram extracts, and multivitamin complex and mineral salts. The beneficial skin nourishing oils and the essential oils of rose and orange help the formation of young looking fresh skin. The extracts of quince,...
  • 38,94 € In Stock
    This eye contour cream is quickly absorbed, it is recommended for the sensitive eye area which is effectively hydrated and nourished. It is also perfect underneath the make-up. The oils of pomegranate seed and jojoba as well as the hyaluronic acid, the beneficial bioactive herbal extracts of hibiscus and evening primrose contribute to elastic skin...
Showing 1 - 9 of 21 items

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