Hyperpigmentation, age spots 

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    The serum can beneficially be used on skin area affected by pigmentation disorder, it is effectively absorbed and rich in antioxidant agents.  Application: Apply a thin layer to the target area in the morning and evening.  For professional use: it is suitable before massage or for ultrasound treatments. As a result of the intensive active agent intake...
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    This facial gel is recommended for all skin types; it contributes to the hydration and formation of even skin which is affected by hyperpigmentation and freckles. The bioactive agents of the extracts of edelweiss, primula, lady's mantle and yarrow as well as the seed extract of malt and vitamin B3 advantageously influence the reduction of skin...
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    This so-called dry skin oil is easily absorbed to support the radiant beautiful appearance. It is made of marigold, golden rod and sage extracts; they support skin regeneration. The skin nourishing oils of argan, inchi and plum kernel as well as the evening primrose and jojoba oils help the formation of young-looking fresh and silky smooth skin. The...
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    This nourishing and rejuvenating cream mask is recommended as the final mask of facial treatments for the mature dry skin. For the sake of a young-looking, silky and soft to the touch skin feeling, it contains shea butter, argan, pomegranate and borage oils; the last one is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The extracts of hibiscus, common marshmallow,...
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    It is easily absorbed; it effectively moisturises and nourishes the sensitive skin around the eye area. It can be excellently used underneath the make-up. Vitamins A, B3 and B5 together with the high vitamin C content of the sea buckthorn extract as well as the extracts of evening primrose, hibiscus, hop and yam contribute to the formation of young...
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    It is gentle face milk and make-up remover for dry, sensitive and rosacea prone skin.Application: 1-2 cm3  face milk onto the damp cotton pad and wipe the face then rinse off well.
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    This peeling cream exfoliates away dull dead cells from the skin's surface. With its revitalising plant components it boosts the effect of post peeling creams. It is recommended to be applied every 7-14 days to create a radiant and smoother to the touch skin on the face and décolletage. Application: Apply a moderately thick layer to damp skin; gently...
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