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  • 9,67 € In Stock
    Recommended for dry and breakage prone hair. This hair shine balm aids hair regeneration for healthy, strong strands with the help of the vitamins B5 and E, jojoba oil and linseed extract. It also eases combing when using Organic Orange-Jojoba Hair Shine Spray on the lower third of your hair. Application: Apply about a teaspoon's amount to damp hair;...
  • 16,38 € In Stock
    This skin regenerating and hair growth supporting shampoo is recommended for the sensitive scalp. After surgery it can be recommended as the first cosmetic shampoo after wound healing. Application: Evenly apply 5-7 cm3 sized amount to wet hair, carefully massage in and rinse off thoroughly. Shampooing is could be repeated, finally rinse off thoroughly...
  • 13,08 € Out of stock
    This spray is made of hair regenerating herb extracts and vitamins E and B5. The oils of jojoba, moringa and tamanu help easier combability; they help the formation of natural hair shine and can reduce hair breakage. It can be used on colour-treated hair, too.  Application: shake well this 2-phase shine spray before use and apply to the damp lower third...
  • 23,21 € In Stock
    By its cleansing ingredient the shampoo gently cleans the hair and scalp. The jojoba oil smoothly cares the skin and the camomile-, lemon balm herbal extracts and B5-, B3-vitamins help the skin regeneration.  Application: Dissolve 6-8 cm3 on the wet skin surface we want to clean and then rinse off by warm water profoundly and repeat again the procedure.
  • 15,39 € In Stock
    The detergent agents cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly. The essential oil of eucalyptus ensures fresh skin feeling. Further essential oils like juniper and rosemary, the jojoba oil, the vitamin of B3 and provitamin B5 contribute to vital skin regeneration and support the growth of healthy follicles.  *with skin nourishing jojoba oil and hydrolysed...
  • 12,53 € In Stock
    It is a gentle shampoo for greasy hair and flaky scalp enriched with vitamin B5, biotin and extracts of nettle, common agrimony and strawflower. Application: apply 3-4 cm3 shampoo evenly on the damp scalp, emulsify and rub it into your scalp thoroughly and rinse well with water. Repeat shampooing and rinse the remaining shampoo from your hair!...
  • 10,88 € In Stock
    It is a gentle shampoo for normal, dry and damaged hair. Hop and common agrimony are herbs, vitamin B3 and B5 support the growth of healthy follicles and contribute to adequate scalp hygiene. It can be used on colour-treated hair. Application: apply 3-4 cm3  evenly on damp scalp, emulsify and rub the shampoo in to your scalp thoroughly and rinse well with...
Showing 1 - 9 of 13 items

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