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    It provides fresh breath and supports proper oral hygiene. The extracts of common horehound, myrrh and purple coneflower help regenerate healthy gums and oral mucosa. It gently but effectively polishes the teeth and reduces tartar formation. - free of triclosan and SLS - reduces tartar formation - with gum care ingredients - fresh breath Application:...
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    Tea tree oil, lemon and mint essential oils provide proper oral hygiene and fresh breath. Ganoderma mushroom, echinacea and camomile extract help regenerate your mucous membrane and gums. It gently polishes your teeth and reduces plaque and tartar buildup. Application: put 1-2 cm3 toothpaste onto your toothbrush and follow correct brushing techniques when...
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    Recommended for small children and people under homeopathic medication. Especially recommended for the gentle and healthy care of teeth and gums of small children with baby teeth. Application: Use a pea-sized amount on toothbrush and then brush teeth properly. Rinse out mouth with water at least twice after use. 
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    This serum helps the healthy growth of eyelash and eyebrow on the mature, dehydrated and nutrient deficient skin; it contains a vast array of bioactive agents.The oils of moringa, tamanu and borage as well as the multivitamin complex contribute to nourish hair follicles; while the extracts of eyebright, wheatgrass juice, purple coneflower and licorice...
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    The organic essential oil of rosemary and the extracts of nettle and yellow sweet clover are known for their anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. The essential oils of black pepper, marjoram and coriander are well-known for their muscle relaxing and tissue regenerating properties; they also help the vital skin metabolism. Because of the high...
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    This facial cream is easily absorbed which is enriched by skin soothing and skin regeneration supporting agents. The herbal extract of Peucedanum and the mushroom extract of Ganoderma lucidum together with the multivitamin complex contribute to the balanced skin regenerating processes. The skin tone supporting and antioxidant agents of the ginkgo and sea...
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    This body spray provides fresh and deodorised skin feeling which help reduce sweating. Essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon balm and mint contribute to preserve hygienic skin condition. * Aluminium-Salts Free * Alcohol Free * Free From Propellants Application: 2-3 times spray to the target armpit area. Avoid contact with eyes.Keep locked up and...
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    A cream deodorant for the fresh and deodorised skin feeling and for diminishing the release of sweat.  The organic essential oils of teatree and eucalyptus as well as menthol help maintain the hygienic skin condition. The extracts of calendula and sage and the shea butter contribute to sensitive skin care.  * Aluminium Free * Free of Alcohol Application:...
Showing 1 - 9 of 17 items

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