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    Coconut oil based sugar tensides effectively cleanse the skin surface thusmaintaining and improving its hydration. The coneflower extract, thecocoa butter, the vitamin E and the vitamins B in the spelt support theskin regeneration and help maintain the natural defences of the skin. Application: pump 1-2 ml facial cleansing milk onto a damp cottonpad and...
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    Its special skin friendly surfactants effectively cleanse and support the hydration of sensitive and oily-problematic skin types. The discrete, fresh scent is provided by the mixture of natural essential oils which also help the formation of hygienic skin condition. Application: apply 1 cm3 to damp skin and rinse off with plenty of water after 1-2...
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    For dry and sensitive skin type.This skin care tonic supports the refreshing and tonifying of the sensitive, dry skin types by using herb extracts and hydrating ingredients. It contains vitamins C, B5, E as well as stellaria extract for the epidermis regeneration. This tonic is enriched by the rose essential oil and licorice extract.  Application: Pour...
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    A gentle polishing facial scrub for dry skin and skin with fruit acid sensitivity. The antioxidant agents and flavonoids of the pomegranate and aronia grist can be absorbed during peeling. Apart from the peeling of the sensitive skin the lifting by antioxidants also starts. The oily extract of sea buckthorn and coconut oil provide the dry and sensitive...
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    Organic kiwi fruit and bitter melon extract It is an alcohol-free tonic for the fresh and firm skin. The hydrated and tonified feeling of the skin is supported by the extracts of bitter melon, liquorice, kiwi fruit and yucca. It is recommended for mature, large pore skins and for combination or dry skins. Application: Wipe the target area by a...
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    It is recommended for the mature dry skin as a nourishing-rejuvenating cream mask as the last mask of the facial treatment. Application: Apply it in a moderately thick layer, then rinse off after 20-25 minutes with a damp sponge.
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