Our company, BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd was registered in a short name as the legal successor of BIOLA Natural Cosmetics Ltd on 18 July 2011 by the Company Registry of Budapest.

The company predominantly focuses on producing cosmetic and body care articles.

The manager of the company is Dr. Viola Gyovai, accredited biologist, Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Since 1985, the development of recipes by Dr. Viola Giovani; actual manufacturing since 1995.

  • 2006: Skin care products BIOLA® - Certified Organic
  • 2009: Biodynamic cosmetics skin care products with Demeter certificate
Biola Spices

Our Products

  • Face and body care product families for all skin types, all for home use: BIOLA, Naturissimo and EVERYOUNG Biodynamic Skin Care
  • Professional products: BIOLA and Naturissimo professional product families
  • SPA products: professional natural and organic products with individual recommendations for face and body treatments as well as home products for retail
Biola Product Family

Why is Biola unique?

During the past 12 years we have marketed 120 natural cosmetics for face and body care under the brand name NATURISSIMO for home and professional use. Besides, we produce 38 different natural and organic cosmetic products exclusively for export. Based on the COSMOS regulations our natural cosmetic products are made of two organic ingredients each. They were successfully tested and as a result beauticians and customers devoted to healthy beauty care have been using them with great satisfaction.

Our company is unique and the only one among the Hungarian producers who has certified face and body care organic cosmetic products. The certificate was given by the BIOKONTROLL Hungária Nonprofit Ltd. Due to the strict Hungarian regulations, the vast majority of these organic cosmetics contain over 90% herbal ingredients from organic farms, while the proportion of the bathing products range over 70% of ecological content. Beyond the control of the herbal ingredients from organic farms, the certification keeps a close eye on the production technology considering herbal ingredients, conformity of the producing lab, receipts, quality and packaging of the finished products.

We have developed over 240 organic cosmetics and have had them certified by BIOKONTROLL Hungária Nonprofit Ltd under tight control. Some of the products are marketed under the name BIOLA for home and professional use in Europe while others are distributed under individual brand names in the North-American market.

Starting in August 2009, a number of our organic products which contain biodynamic ingredients received the certificate by DEMETER International e.V. These products are currently in the highest level of health security product category and they are highlighted with the DEMETER logo on the front side of their packaging. For the remaining relevant products on the back of the packaging we are entitled to mark the ones that originate from biodynamic agricultural production. Up to 2009 we introduced 38 different biodynamic cosmetic products in the Hungarian and international market and received the Demeter certificate.

To ensure the quality controls of the ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms, we are in tight contact and long-term cooperation with many outstanding Hungarian and foreign producers of herbal ingredients of excellent quality and with devoted organic farmers who are concerned about environmental friendly farming and live and work accordingly.

The Dr. BIOLA product family is highly recommended for highly sensitive skin care. Our products for babies and some of the facial products are tested by the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at University of Szeged. These products are marked by a “dermatologically tested” sign.

Biola for the Environment

We produce natural, organic and Demeter-quality products using carefully selected ingredients by applying environmental friendly technologies at a manufacturing site of over 1,200 m2. Furthermore, we pay attention to the packaging materials as well; they have to be as environmental friendly as possible in order to protect our environment, preserve clean air and water, last but not least to maintain the soil’s productivity. During production we concentrate on environmental management. In our production hall we apply environmentally friendly disinfection and cleaning detergents. In our two production units we employ 26 colleagues for producing our products, working on the development of high-quality products and keeping regular contact with customers. We inform our customers about our products in professional journals like BIOTREND (BIOINFO), SZÉPÍTÉSZ (THE BEAUTIFYER), HEALTH&BEAUTY and others, as well as in TV advertisements.

Taking the latest research developments in traditional medical herbs, plants and dermatology into account, our company supplies products to beautify our business partners and their salon guests in a healthy and natural way. The majority of the applied herbal ingredients originate from certified organic farms, which in case of our organic cosmetics are certified by either Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd (HU-ÖKO-01), or ECOCERT or DEMETER International e.V. We also regularly check that our herbal ingredient suppliers produce our herbal materials according to the regulations by using environmentally friendly technologies.

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