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    Recommended for dry and breakage prone hair. This hair shine balm aids hair regeneration for healthy, strong strands with the help of the vitamins B5 and E, jojoba oil and linseed extract. It also eases combing when using Organic Orange-Jojoba Hair Shine Spray on the lower third of your hair. Application: Apply about a teaspoon's amount to damp hair;...
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    The yellow sweet clover and marigold extracts together with zinc oxide complete the skin regenerating effect of allantoin. Heartsease and linseed extracts together with shea butter, which provides excellent skin care for sensitive skin, and jojoba oil protect your baby's skin effectively against nappy rash. The essential oil of manuka help the formation...
  • 7,85 € 13,08 € In Stock
    This spray is made of hair regenerating herb extracts and vitamins E and B5. The oils of jojoba, moringa and tamanu help easier combability; they help the formation of natural hair shine and can reduce hair breakage. It can be used on colour-treated hair, too.  Application: shake well this 2-phase shine spray before use and apply to the damp lower third...
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    This effective peeling exfoliates with bamboo grist. It is rich in vitalising bioactive agents by the extracts of mango, pineapple, pomegranate and passion fruit. Their AHA fruit acids help the peeling process. Skin regeneration is supported by the oils of jojoba and wheat germ, vitamins E, C and turmeric, which is rich in antioxidants. Application: Apply...
  • 9,23 € 15,39 € In Stock
    Recommended for small children and people under homeopathic medication. Especially recommended for the gentle and healthy care of teeth and gums of small children with baby teeth. Application: Use a pea-sized amount on toothbrush and then brush teeth properly. Rinse out mouth with water at least twice after use. 
  • 9,50 € 15,83 € In Stock
    It gently cleanses the baby skin. Beyond the moisturising effect of the macadamia oil, the almond milk hydrolysate along with allantoin, provitamin B5 and vitamin B3 contribute to skin regeneration. It is further supported by the extracts of Jerusalem artichoke, liquorice and marigold. The allergen-free cedar essential oil helps maintain skin hygiene....
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    A gentle skin cleansing baby bubble bath. It is made with herb extracts of coneflower and marigold and vitamin B5, which contributes to hair building and epidermis regeneration. It also contains extracts of coneflower and lavender as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.  Application: evenly pour 2-3 cm3 to 10 litres of bath water. After the bath rinse your...
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    Specially formulated with skin-friendly detergents to gently and effectively clean and soften even sensitive, oily, problematic skin. A delicate mix of essential oils provide a discreet, fresh scent. Application: Apply a 1-2 cm3-sized amount onto wet skin and rinse off in 1-2 minutes. 66% + Demeter ingredients 93% certified organic ingredients
  • 12,21 € 20,35 € In Stock
    With its special gentle skin care components this shower cream cleans even sensitive skin very effectively. Vitamin B3 and B5, nettle and allantoin contribute to skin regeneration. It also contains Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi) mushroom which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and yarrow extract.  Application: apply 1-2 cm3 to damp skin...
Showing 1 - 9 of 18 items

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