Biola Irlanda

Biola Irlanda

A Sanctuary in the City

February 24, 2017

|Darryl Gibney

I'm incredibly excited to have found my new oasis of calm in the city of Dublin, Sanctuary Massage Clinic. Its just a divine little spot, with a fantastic team working behind the scenes to cater to your every need and i just had to share the news! The best bit, they use only organic oils and lotions in all their treatments - so you know from top to toe your massage has done you a world of good.

As you all know I've been busily working away on our new website - a booking site for all your Wellness needs, from massage to counselling and every thing in between. Anyway, a good friend of mine could see I needed a break, a little 'me time' away from the boardroom. After all, I am supposed to be the oracle of Wellness - it wouldn't look very good if I was stressed to the max would it?

 So off i head to Sanctuary Massage for a full body massage - i had never been there before but had only heard great things and it lived up to every word. Anita, the owner of Sanctuary gave me a full body massage that was out of this world. Her technique is fantastic and she practices a little reiki in her spare time so she incorporates this into the massage, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and floating on air. I was in such a zen-like state after my massage I actually felt light-headed - clearly it was all that tension and pressure being eased away by Anita's masterful strokes. She's fantastic!

 Sanctuary use only organic products in all their massages and facials - tell me anywhere else that offers that service and doesn't charge the earth? The products are all from Biola Skincare , an organic skincare brand from Hungary that offers a full product range. Their products smell divine and feel luxurious on the skin. They're such a treat, you need to try them!

I've since been back for one of their Deep Cleanse Facials, and oh my god was i impressed! My boyfriend even commented on how good my skin looked afterwards, which is seriously extraordinary! Andrea, the Facialist is a magician. I've booked another treatment for this coming Monday and i already giddy with excitement. I might live post from it to show you all how good it is, so stay tuned to my Instagram!

 If you're living in Dublin or just visiting for a holiday, i highly recommend this gorgeous massage clinic in Ranelagh. You won't regret it!

 For more, visit their website Sanctuary Massage Clinic to book an appointment

 For more on Biola Skincare visit HERE 


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